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“I'm very excited to start my new role that I found thanks to your platform. It's exactly what I was looking for in terms of development opportunities, industry and location.”
James | Paralegal

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Frequently asked questions

How is Jump.Work different from an agency?

Jump.Work is unique because we believe there’s more to you than just your CV. By understanding your real talents and strengths, we can use our intelligent algorithms to match you to opportunities you’re perfectly suited for.

What kind of opportunities do you have on your platform?

We work with over 300 + Businesses including well-known Law firms such as Fraser & Fraser, Ashfords and more. New opportunities are posted to the platform daily including exclusive opportunities not found elsewhere.

How do I apply?

You’ll need a Jump.Work profile which you can create by signing up below. You’ll be asked to complete a few assessments and from there, you can apply directly from the Job Description page. It’s all completely online!

Is there a cost?

No - it’s absolutely free and always will be for Professionals. You can apply for as many or as few opportunities as you like.